Our Mission

  • To reduce the time and expense
    of negotiating effective business partnerships in the software industry

  • To strengthen reseller, referral and other alliance relationships via clear agreements that maximize revenue while minimizing risk

  • To help align your overall channel
    and alliance objectives, thereby leveraging your investment in these relationships

The Opportunity
  • Fewer than one in ten software alliances provide meaningful
    revenue to the software vendor
  • Many alliances run aground
    because the parties fail to negotiate alliance agreements that contain clear and meaningful commitments by both sides
  • Other alliances fail because the relationships are not adequately managed and monitored

Software Strategies Will:

  • Advise on and negotiate alliance agreements with appropriate safeguards, targets, compensation plans, exit options and “teeth”
  • Provide a legal framework for all of your business partner agreements,
    so they are consistent and support alliance relationships across the
    core business functions
  • Monitor alliance performance according to pre-defined metrics
  • Conduct due diligence on prospective business partners

Creating Software Alliances
Announcing the publication of
Creating Software Alliances:
A Detailed Look
at Establishing Partnerships
in the Software Industry, Structuring Agreements,
and Managing Relationships.”
Despite the importance of alliances to the bottom line of software vendors, the actual structuring of a software alliance agreement has often been a hit-and-miss proposition
. . . until now.

Successful alliances have a clear business strategy, well-crafted structure, and flexible management. This book is a must-read for business development and legal executives crafting software alliances. It explains in plain English how the scope, terms, conditions, and framing of these deals can be designed to reach strategic goals and set the stage for productive partnerships.

Ben Gomes-Casseres
Co-author, Mastering Alliance Strategy
and Professor, Brandeis University

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