Creating Software Alliances

Written by a seasoned intellectual property lawyer, Creating Software Alliances takes a comprehensive yet detailed look at how a software agreement can be drafted to maximize profits for the software vendor.

By analyzing the critical provisions of a typical alliance contract on a clause-by-clause basis, Creating Software Alliances provides a structure for a clear and comprehensive software alliance agreement, which will maximize cooperation and minimize conflict.

Creating Software Alliances also addresses the art of managing software alliances; revenue recognition issues that often arise; and special considerations when software companies expand overseas.

It is a must-have resource for every executive and professional interested in making software alliances work.

Praise for
Creating Software Alliances:

Michael Whitener has done a brilliant
job with
Creating Software Alliances.
Advice this valuable is rarely heard outside of a law firm's offices.  If you're a decision-maker in the software industry, you should read this book.
John Sharp
Chairman and CEO, Authentium, Inc.

This book is a must read for any software company that is selling through channels.
It will reduce risks and lead to higher revenues.
Harald Horgen
President, The York Group.

Successful alliances have a clear business strategy, well-crafted structure, and flexible management. This book is a must-read for business development and legal executives crafting software alliances.

It explains in plain English how the scope, terms, conditions, and framing of these deals can be designed to reach strategic goals and set the stage for productive partnerships.
Ben Gomes-Casseres
Co-author, Mastering Alliance Strategy and Professor, Brandeis University.

Published in the USA by
Aspatore Books

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